Mack's Closet

Greater Egleston Boston

Mack’s Soles incorporated Mack’s Closet inside of Greater Boston Egleston an alternative high school located at 80 School St. Boston, MA 02119. From footwear, clothing & other essential needed items. Students here will be able to access such vital items, that due to many revolving circumstances, they may normally go without. We want to thank the headmaster Stephanie Sibley and Dean of students Diedra Lewis (not in photo) for this great opportunity and continuing on building a partnership leading to a better future for our youth and communities.

Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy

Mack’s Soles incorporated it’s second Mack’s closet inside of Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy Charter School located at 23 Leonard St, Dorchester, MA 02112. We want to thank the principal Arturo Forrest for the opportunity and helping us continuing to build partnerships and nurturing our communities.

Shelter Donations

Thanks to the donations from InterContinental Boston, we’re able to provide Caspar Shelter, located in Cambridge, MA, 02139 with a few needed essentials items.

Happy to help supply the Sojourner House located at 85 Rockland St, Roxbury, MA 02119 with these bags of linens & books. 


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